Car theft:

Find out some smart ways to enhance your auto theft protection.

Car theft: don’t be intimidated by car theft statistics. Find out how to enhance your auto theft protection.

Preventing car theft is a matter of combining common sense with preventative measures. Here are some tips:

  • Don’t leave your vehicle in unattended parking lots for extended periods of time.
  • Replace knob type door locks with tapered ones.
  • If your vehicle has a built-in auto theft protection system, use it -- every time.
  • If your vehicle doesn’t have one, retrofit an auto anti-theft alarm system from Advance Auto Parts. (And take advantage of our complete selection of quality auto parts for your vehicle maintenance jobs, too.)
  • Install a hidden toggle switch that cuts out the ignition or electric fuel pump.
  • Low-tech clubs and guards can deter theft in the first place.
  • Hi-tech vehicle tracking systems can help law enforcement agencies find your vehicle if stolen.

The bottom line? Don’t rely on a single method of auto theft protection.

Why you should take steps to reduce auto theft:

Car theft statistics show that an auto theft occurs every 26 seconds in the United States.

To prevent auto theft, don't overlook the obvious. 80% of vehicles stolen were unlocked, and half of those had keys in the ignition. Ironically, the most stolen cars are not considered the most desirable. Common vehicles that have become difficult to find parts for are frequently at the top of the most stolen list.

Take the time to learn how to prevent auto theft with help from Advance Auto Parts -- and check out our line of auto anti-theft devices.

Items that can boost your auto theft protection:

  • Immobilizers
  • Alarm warning auto anti-theft devices
  • Steering wheel locks
  • Stereo face plate covers
  • Hidden fuel & ignition interrupt switches

Do-it-yourself difficulty guide for increasing auto theft protection:


Estimated time required -- 15 Minutes -- 4 Hours

How to help prevent car theft: do it right!

To avoid adding to car theft statistics, law enforcement agencies recommend taking a layered approach against auto theft. No one auto anti-theft measure can stop every thief. Combining methods of theft prevention can add up to greater protection.

  1. An immobilizer system prevents thieves from hot-wiring your vehicle. Immobilizers include smart keys, kill switches, fuse cut-offs and fuel system disabling.
  2. Car alarms may be annoying, but can deter amateur auto thieves. An alarm warning window sticker lets a potential felon know your vehicle is not an easy mark.
  3. Don't give thieves a reason to break in. Take valuable items with you or place them under the seat or in the trunk. Remove stereo faceplates if possible.
  4. Always lock and set the alarm in your vehicle, even in your own driveway. Don't forget to roll up the windows. Never leave a running vehicle unattended.

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