Auto suspension:

Why you should understand auto suspension and handling – and how to check these yourself.

Your car suspension system takes a lot of abuse. Shocks and struts may need replacing as soon as 15-20,000 miles, depending on the condition of the roads you drive.

Car shocks are fairly simple to replace, and now Advance Auto Parts carries strut/spring assemblies that can be easily replaced by the do-it-yourselfer. At 50,000 miles, replace anti-sway bar bushings and inspect control arm and trailing arm bushings. Don’t wait until they are completely worn out to replace. New bushings will give your vehicle a tight, new car feel again.

If your vehicle begins to sag, get replacement springs from Advance Auto Parts. They are less expensive than you might think, and are fairly easy to replace.

What you need to know about your auto suspension:

A suspension’s job is two-fold: provide a smooth ride over bumps, and keep the wheels on the ground at all times so you can control the car. The most crucial components in regards to a vehicle’s handling are the shocks and struts, springs, bushings and alignment. All of them wear out with time, degrading both the ride quality and the handling characteristics.

New suspension parts from Advance Auto Parts will make a big difference in the handling and safety of your vehicle. Rely on us for the quality auto parts you need.

What you will need for evaluating your car suspension:

Do-it-yourself difficulty guide for inspecting your auto suspension:

Estimated time required -1 Hour

Discover how to inspect your auto suspension – and save money in the process.

Some car suspension parts (shocks and struts) are easy to change, while others may require a professional (bushings, alignment settings).

  1. Car shocks and struts impact a vehicle’s steering, stopping and overall stability. Properly functioning car shocks and struts will prevent your suspension from going through an excessive range of motion when they wear out. The result can cause premature wear of tires, springs and other suspension components.
  2. Shock absorber life varies, but some typical signs that your shocks are due for replacement include: excessive oil or fluid leaking from shocks, the front end of the vehicle “dives” during braking, your car continues to bob up and down after hitting bumps or the car leans too much in the corners.
  3. Check the front tires for uneven wear patterns across the tread. If you see something that doesn’t look quite right, you may need a front-end alignment.


The control arms and other car suspension parts are connected to the vehicle with rubber or polyurethane bushings. Inspect these bushings for cracking and other signs of age.

Trust Advance Auto Parts for the quality auto parts – including car suspension parts – you need for your vehicle maintenance jobs.