Auto Suspension:

Your front end suspension plays a critical role in safety and handling.

Every moving part eventually wears out. Front end suspension parts are no exception.

Worn ball-joints and tie-rod ends may cause erratic steering. A clunking sound when traveling over bumps may indicate worn ball-joints. A popping sound when you move the steering wheel while parking may be a sign of worn tie-rod ends. When inspecting your front car suspension looks for excessive play or looseness in the parts.

If a rubber boot is missing or damaged, chances are the part requires replacement. The rubber keeps dirt out, and grease in. Without grease, auto suspension components quickly fail.

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Why you should inspect and lubricate your front auto suspension twice a year.

Your vehicle's front end suspension has a tough job.

Not only does it have to soak up all the bumps, it also has to steer the car. All that work is tough on front car suspension parts. The tie-rod ends and ball-joints in your front auto suspension need regular inspection and lubrication to prevent expensive repairs.

For more information on front automotive suspension refer to the Ball-Joints, Tie-Rod Ends, and Axle Shafts brochures.

Here’s what you will need to inspect and repair your front auto suspension:

  • Grease
  • Grease gun
  • Rags

Do-It-Yourself difficulty guide for front car suspension maintenance:


Estimated time required - 30 Minutes

Save money and help make your car last longer by taking care of your front end automotive suspension. Here's how:

Every vehicle has a different front suspension design. Learn about yours by consulting a vehicle specific repair manual for your vehicle.

  1. These are what tie-rod ends look like off the vehicle. Note the rubber dust boots and "zerk", or grease fittings.
  2. Tie-rod ends are the final connecting point between your steering linkage and the wheels.
  3. The ball-joints enable the front automotive suspension to travel up and down, as well as allowing the wheel to turn.
  4. The tie-rod ends and ball-joints work together to allow the wheels to steer and move up and down at the same time.
  5. Factory ball-joints and tie-rod ends come pre-lubricated and don’t have grease fittings. Replacement components usually have grease fittings.


Regular lubrication of front-end auto suspension components greatly increases service life. Add grease until a small amount is forced out from under the rubber boot.

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