Auto glass cleaner

Why it's important to choose the right car windshield cleaner - and how to get crystal-clear results.

Cleaning glass is basically a spray-and-wipe operation. Many manufacturers of windshield cleaners recommend wiping off the cleaner promptly after application. For best results, use a lint- and scratch-free microfiber towel to remove the auto glass cleaner. Tinted film scratches easily so using a soft towel is vital when cleaning it.

By using car windshield product cleaners specifically designed for the job, the results should be crystal clear – even for those of us who “don't do windows.”

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Why you should periodically use an auto glass cleaner:
Cleaning automotive glass seems like such a no-brainer that it shouldn't warrant explanation.

However, household cleaners aren't always auto-glass friendly. These concerns have led the car care industry to formulate car windshield cleaner products. Glass tinted with film is particularly challenging. Many household glass cleaners contain ammonia, which eats through the tint's adhesive.

Always read the product's label for proper usage, although most windshield cleaners are safe for tinted windows.

Car windshield cleaner project; here’s what you’ll need:

  • Scratch-free microfiber towels or cotton/terry towels
  • Auto glass cleaner

Auto glass cleaner do-it-yourself difficulty guide:

Estimated time required - 20 – 30 Minutes

Ready to use your windshield cleaners? Here’s the right way to apply them.

Car windshields are subject to conditions that house glass rarely sees. Household cleaning products can leave streaks on automotive glass, and that is simply trading one vision obstruction for another.

  1. Use a cleaner intended for automotive glass. It should be ammonia free to protect window tint film. Ammonia can dissolve window tint adhesive.
  2. Try to avoid direct sunlight and use long strokes to dry large glass areas. This reduces the likelihood of streaking.
  3. Roll windows down several inches to clean along the edges. Do this before cleaning the main area of the window. This prevents unsightly dirty edges when the window is retracted.


Clean thoroughly along moldings, in corners and around objects such as mirror supports to remove unsightly haze.

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