Auto emergency kit:

Find out what items to put in your car's emergency kit.

Auto emergency kit: how to assemble an emergency preparedness kit on your own.

A basic tool kit (or emergency preparedness kit) might help you fix a problem that would otherwise leave your car stranded.

For instance, what if the problem is as simple as a loose battery cable? Having a screwdriver or a wrench will get you out of that situation in no time.

The older your car is, the more likely a tool kit will come in handy. If your worn radiator hose is starting to leak or an exhaust pipe is coming loose, duct tape is a great temporary fix. Also put jumper cables in your tool kit. Even if your car doesn't break down, they're good to have to help somebody else.

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Why should you have an auto emergency kit?

Car reliability has come a long way from the days when blowouts and boil overs were common occurrences, but run flat tires and modern cooling systems can't prevent every type of roadside emergency.

A recent survey by the AAA revealed that 28 percent of those responding had experienced at least one automotive breakdown during the prior 12 months. Getting stranded on a lonely road, without the appropriate equipment, is every motorist's worst nightmare.

All of this points to why an emergency preparedness kit is a must for most drivers.

Choose the right tools and items for your emergency kits.

The items you put in your auto emergency kit depend on your climate and geography. For hot, desert areas, bottled water is a must. In cold weather, a blanket is essential.

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