Car wax:

Learn how to wax a car for optimal shine and overall results.

Car wax: why you should choose your car wax wisely -- and how to wax a car for the best results.
Different paint finishes require different car waxes. New paint, old paint, clear-coat paint, single-stage paint and scratched paint all call for their own type of wax.

Make certain that the car wax you choose is compatible with the paint and finish of your vehicle. In general, liquid car waxes are synthetic while paste waxes can either be natural or a combination of natural wax and synthetic additives. Determine which type of wax is right for you and your vehicle based on paint compatibility and application preference.

Advance Auto Parts carries an extensive line of both natural and synthetic car waxes. We have the right wax for you. Just ask us! Plus, we have a complete selection of quality auto parts.

Why you should apply car wax to your vehicle regularly to protect its finish:

Automotive paint formulation varies from one manufacturer to the next. Regardless of formulation, all automotive paints require one thing: proper care.

Wax is a crucial part of preserving the shine and luster of your vehicle’s finish. Without regular wax treatments your paint will fade, dry out and crack. A small investment now could save you thousands of dollars’ worth of paint repairs later.

How to wax a car properly -- what you’ll need:

Do-it-yourself difficulty guide for applying car waxes:

Estimated time required - 1 - 2 Hours

How to wax a car for the best results: save money by doing it yourself.

Always use clean soft cloths or towels for wax application and removal. Never apply wax in direct sunlight or on hot paint. Clean and dry vehicle before applying wax.

  1. Paste or liquid? It doesn’t really matter what type of wax you use, because the finished shine will be the same. Liquid waxes are easier and quicker to apply.
  2. Apply wax to a small area using a circular arm motion. Advance Auto Parts sells soft applicator pads that make the job easier and neater.
  3. You can use soft terry cloth towels to remove the wax but special polishing cloth works better. It’s inexpensive and doesn’t leave swirl marks.

After the wax has dried to a dull haze remove by rubbing in a circular motion with the soft polishing cloth. Be sure to remove car wax residue from body seams.

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