Suspension Control Arms


In simplest terms, a control arm (or control arms) is the part of the vehicle's suspension that connects the wheel assembly to the chassis. As they pivot to allow the wheel to move up and down to absorb bumps, they are fitted with bushings and/or joints which can wear out and require replacement. Read More

There are several different kinds of control arms. Some cars such as those fitted with the popular MacPherson strut style suspension, use a singular control arm below, hence the term lower control arm, supplemented with a radius rod to prohibit the assembly from moving forward and backwards. Some cars, such as many Hondas and Acuras, use a double wishbone design that was derived from racing cars and is known for keeping the tire's contact square to the road throughout the suspension's upward and downward movement. A wishbone design also features two mounting points at the chassis, thus negating the need for a radius rod to prohibit unwanted fore and aft movement.

Whether your vehicle has MacPherson struts, double wishbones or another design, Advance Auto Parts likely has the control arm assembly (or components such as bushings) that you need to help keep your car's ride and handling qualities as good as new.