Headlamps & Lights


A vehicle headlamp allows you to see and be seen. For maximum visibility, you want headlamps functioning properly. Even though they might appear satisfactory, vehicle headlamps lose brightness over time and should be replaced before they burn out. Advance Auto Parts has the latest headlamp technology so you can see further. Read More

Other factors that can affect the performance of car headlights are dirt and oxidation on the auto headlights covers. Dirt can significantly reduce the amount of light that reaches the road. Because this is a safety hazard, the car headlights should cleaned regularly, particularly in snowy conditions when there is a lot of road salt and grime being kicked up by other vehicles. Cloudy headlamp covers are caused by age and environmental factors. They should be restored with one of the many products available so that the auto headlights can provide maximum illumination.

Headlamp technology is constantly evolving and improving. New car headlights allow you to see not only further down the road, but also to the side of the road where animals or other obstructions may lurk. Get the latest headlamp technology, and maximum visibility, at Advance Auto Parts.