Power Steering Hoses & Pumps


Power steering hoses and power steering pumps work together as part of the power steering system to make it easier to turn the steering wheel when driving. Replacement is typically needed only when there's a leak in one of the components. The top signs that it's time for power steering system repair are: difficulty in turning the steering wheel, a groaning noise when you turn the steering wheel, or seeing clear or red power steering fluid underneath your car.

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The first thing to do is inspect for power steering leaks in the power steering hose, the power steering pressure hose, the power steering high pressure hose or the return hose for the power steering pump. If there's no sign of leaking from the hoses, it could be a leak in the power steering pump. Check the power steering fluid in your vehicle – if it's low, there could be a slow leak in the power steering pump. If the belt that connects the power steering pump to the driveshaft is slippery, it may be a sign for a leaking water pump.
No matter what the problem is, count on Advance Auto Parts for quality power-steering system components. From hydraulic pumps, to high-pressure hoses and return-line hoses, our large selection ensures a precise fit for your vehicle, not to mention better steering and handling.