One thing's for sure—it's hot outside. If your vehicle's air conditioning system has lost its cool factor, it's time to take action. There's a good chance you may be able to avoid costly service fees or inflated dealer mark-ups with one of our most popular new items from A/C Pro.

New A/C Pro allows you to easily recharge your car's air conditioner in three easy steps:

Locate the low-side port on your air
conditioner under the hood.

Using the included gauge, measure
your system's refrigerant level.

Charge your system using the
convenient trigger and hose-it's easy.

Watch how easy it is to do

Take charge of your A/C!

  • Go from hot and sweaty to comfortably cool in 10 minutes or less

  • A/C Pro comes with everything you need, plus easy-to-follow instructions

  • No extra tools required - if you can fill your tires, you can use A/C Pro

  • Potentially save hundreds of dollars on A/C maintenance