Replacement headlights:

Discover how to change your own car headlights.

Replacement headlights: increase your visibility -- upgrade your car headlights with brighter bulbs!

There are two common styles of automobile headlights that have been used on vehicles over the past 20 years.

Sealed beam-style car headlights consist of a lighting filament, reflector and lens that are sealed together as a single unit. Now you can buy improved vision upgrades with 20-30% more power. Simply take out your old sealed beams and switch them with the new, more powerful replacement headlights. The modern style automobile headlights have replaceable gas-sealed bulbs that push into the back of the reflector/lens assembly.

Advance Auto Parts carries a selection of replacement headlights or bulbs that are more powerful, but cast a bluer, whiter light. And, of course, we also carry a full line of other quality auto parts for all your vehicle maintenance needs.

Why you should install brighter replacement headlights:
Unless you’re driving a high-end luxury car factory equipped with the HID lighting technology, your vehicle can probably benefit from an easy headlight upgrade. Nothing enhances night driving more than better vision.

Several manufacturers offer headlight lens replacement bulbs that will significantly improve your vehicle’s lights. Best of all, you can do it yourself in about an hour and for under $100.

What you’ll need for a headlight lens replacement:

Replacement headlights do-it-yourself difficulty guide:

Estimated time required - 1 Hour

How to upgrade your car headlights: save money by tackling this on your own.

Before changing headlight bulbs or sealed beams, disconnect your negative battery cable and set the vehicle’s parking brake.


  1. Remove the protective shield from back of headlight assembly if necessary.
  2. Reach in with your hands and pop the harness out of the back of the headlight bucket. You may have to twist the harness to unlock it from the bucket.
  3. Remove the clip that holds the bulb in the lamp and then remove the bulb from the harness. Be careful not to touch the new bulb’s glass tube with your bare hands.
  4. Insert the new bulb into the harness and reinstall the clip. Push the harness back into the back of the headlight, and reassemble all components.

Sealed Beams:

  1. You can replace sealed beam-style automobile headlights with a few hand tools such as this screwdriver and torx driver.
  2. Loosen the headlight mounting screws being careful to not remove the aiming adjusters.
  3. Remove wiring socket from the rear of the headlight assembly. Simply pull the socket off of the sealed beam lamp.

Plug in the new sealed beam assembly then place back into the mounting bracket and secure with screws previously removed. Reattach trim with screws previously removed.