Brake Drums & Rotors


Brake drums and brake rotors are not parts to take chances with. Take good care of them with quality brake rotors, brake drums and related accessories from Advance Auto Parts. Brake rotors and brake drums are important components of a car’s braking system. Many brake systems will also require additional brake hardware. Read More

Brake rotors work in tandem with your brake pads to slow and stop your vehicle. Each time you step on your brake pedal, the brake pads compress the rotors with thousands of pounds of stopping power. The material in the brake pads will eventually wear down the rotors. To stay on top of this, you should inspect your disc brake rotors every 15,000 miles. Symptoms like squealing, a low or spongy brake pedal, wheel grab, or pulling to one side or the other while braking are all warning signs not to be ignored.

Another sign that it's time to replace your brake rotors is if the brake pedal pulsates on light braking. Squealing or scraping may also indicate brake trouble. Learn more about inspecting your brakes to determine whether or not you need a brake job.

All brake rotors have a minimum safe thickness. Once the rotors wear beyond this minimum thickness, they cannot disperse the heat produced by repeated braking. If you have a warped or worn brake rotor, your vehicle will take longer to stop. Even with regular replacement of the linings, some additional service is typically required over the long haul. The surfaces of drums and discs wear unevenly in normal use and eventually need to be re-machined or replaced to work properly.

Similar to brake rotors, drum brakes work in tandem with brake shoes and can be found in the rear of some vehicles. While inspecting drum brakes, also look for signs of leaking brake fluid. Dark or damp brake dust can mean wheel cylinder or axle seal failure.

Remember – never reinstall worn brake components of any kind. Buy quality replacement brake drums and brake rotors from Wearever and other top brake brands today.